Natural mineral water

You consume me cold or at room temperature. Simple or with lemon and ice. From a glass or straight from the bottle. Morning, noon, evening, or night. Before, during, or after anything you do. Alone or with friends. Out of thirst or for pleasure. Without even realizing it, I am part of your daily routine. Just as you are part of mine. Originating from volcanic mountains, bottled in clean air, I follow my natural course, never deviating for a second from my sole purpose: to reach you, to hydrate you, and to remind you that as long as you are comfortable with your daily lifestyle, you are a healthy person.



From the volcanic heart of the mountain, the natural mineral water from Tusnad has a high content of natural electrolytes that give it a unique taste and character.

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Originating from Sansimion, the oligomineral natural water Artesia offers optimal hydration and a low mineral salt content, making it the perfect choice for daily consumption.

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Did you know that


On the first place in Europe

Romania holds 60% of Europe's natural mineral water resources? Of the over 2,000 certified mineral springs, most are located in the inner arc of the Eastern Carpathians – one of the largest areas in Europe where post-volcanic activity gives rise to mineral waters.

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Over the centuries

In 1678, the Italian Marco della Fratta described the richness and quality of Transylvania's natural mineral waters in his work "Pratica minerale." This is the first scientific attestation, but the appreciation of the region's natural mineral waters dates back thousands of years earlier.

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Untouched purity

In every bottle of natural mineral water from Tușnad and Artesia, you'll find the untouched, full natural mineral vigor of the volcanic mountain from which it springs. The entire bottling process takes place in a controlled atmosphere and without human contact.

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Natural mineral water is microbiologically pure and springs from an underground source, being captured at one of its natural springs. It has a stable natural mineral composition, is bottled near the source, and is free from impurities.

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